Roads and Airports Gathering, 19th - 21st November 2004

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Airport occupation at Schipol, Netherlands

More traffic growth? More roads? Airport Expansion? You must be CHOKING! It's time to take ACTION!

Labout are backsliding on the victories of the 1990's roads protests, and many road schemes, dropped in the 1990s, are back on the road builders' agenda. Meanwhile the Government is also proposing large-scale airport expansion... and all in the same breath as talking about tackling climate change.

This backslide CAN and WILL be stopped by PEOPLE POWER.

We need to ORGANISE NOW!

New Road Info

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The government is backtracking on the victories of the 1990s anti-road building campaigns... it wants to build more roads, expand existing roads, and also build new runways and terminals at airports across the UK. At the same time, Labour claims to be serious about tackling climate change.


Below is a review of some of the road building which may follow from the Multi- Modal Studies/ Road-Based Studies, prepared by Denise Carlo at Transport 2000.


For more information on road building plans, see


For more information on airports, see



Climate change: Hot air, fake science and genetically modified trees

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Climate change: Hot air, fake science and genetically modified trees

International Inaction (Critiques of the COP international climate negotiations, 2001-2003)

Critical Analysis of the 'COP 9' UN Climate Negotiations, By Chris Lang

Published in WRM Bulletin 80, March 2003

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has been in force since 21 March 1994. For a decade, international climate change negotiators have filled meeting rooms with hot air. Meanwhile, greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 11 per cent, according to World Resources Institute.

Marrakech COP7: Our future is compromised again

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The Seventh Conference of Parties intergovernmental climate conference in Marrakech continued in the well established pattern of further weakening the feeble Kyoto Protocol and increasing its vast loopholes. The event was marked by protests around the world.


Report back
A report on Marrakech- what happened, what didn>t happen, what it means for climate change



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The day before tomorrowFull flier text is below. For details, click here and to download the flier to print out and distribute at cinemas, click here


The day before tomorrow

Brought to you by BP, Exxon, Shell, & governments of western countries.

The Day after Tomorrow is more science fiction than science fact, yet the danger of a climate crisis is very real, and we've got to take action right now to prevent it.