Irish anti Shell activists in UK on speaking tour - London Date - Thursday 17th November

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 10/31/2005 - 19:14

RossportActivists from County Mayo will be touring the UK during November to increase awareness of the struggle to prevent a giant Shell Consortium from building a dangerous, raw gas pipeline and huge refinery on unstable bog land, raising serious public health and safety issues and devastating remote conservation areas on the north west coast of Ireland.
Here are the London dates: Thurs 17th ...

The World in Our Hands

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Well it doesn't feel any hotter to meReading Rising Tide Education Presents "The World in our hands" exhibition and launch event.

On Monday October 24th Reading Rising Tide will be hosting an event to mark the launch of "The World in our hands" exhibition.

The World in Our Hands

At: The Global Café, 35 London St, Reading
On: Monday 24th October
From: 7pm until 11pm
Entrance: Free

Lucy Pearce - Campaign Director of Stop Climate Chaos
Rajinder Sohpal- Reading Council for Racial Equality
John Hoggett - Reading Rising Tide

Critical Mass under attack! - CALL FOR SUPPORT.

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On Friday 30th September, those who joined London's monthly Critical Mass ride, found themselves being issued with letters from the Metropolitan Police, threatening arrests at future Critical Mass rides, unless the 'organisers' give notice of the route at least six days in advance, and warning that the police can impose restrictions on the rides once the advance notice has been given.The letter stated that the police are reviewing their 'policy' towards critcal mass.

A callout has been issued to make October's London Critical Mass the biggest one yet.


Art Not Oil heads to Newcastle, October 5th-28th

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Caribou Banerjeeplease spread far and wide!
indignation – inspiration – creation…solution?


at The Forth, Pink Lane, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 5DW; Tel: 0191 232 6478

FREE PUBLIC OPENING, WED OCT 5th, 7pm: art – music – food – talk

As the BP Portrait Award settles in at the Sunderland Museum and Winter
Gardens, its alter ego Art Not Oil comes to the Forth Hotel to offer up
what could be a truer portrait of an oil company, as well as celebrating
our creative dissent.

Free the Rossport 5! Shell out of Ireland!

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Rossport 5After more than 3 years running roughshod over local communities on the north west coast or Ireland, oil & gas giant Shell International (along with Statoil (Norway) & Marathon Oil (US)) are poised to transform a remote conservation area of outstanding natural beauty into an environmental disaster zone with serious public health and safety implications. A dangerous on-shore pipeline and massive refinery will be constructed, poisoning the area and further contributing to climate chaos.

George Monbiot Calls for Direct Action To Prevent Climate Change

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 08/13/2005 - 21:37

Monbiot qt WOMADSpeaking at the WOMAD festival on behalf of Reading Rising Tide, columnist and campaigner George Monbiot called for a campaign of direct action to prevent climate change. Mr Monbiot suggested that activists could protest by blocking motorways and preventing MPs from talking.

Speaking to one of the largest crowds the WOMAD One World Stage has ever attracted, he criticised the government for lack of meaningful action, as well as environmentalists for hypocrisy. The speech also spelt out the frightening dangers that climate change poses to us.

Art Not Oil in London

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Oil paintsindignation – inspiration – creation... solution?

at Oxford House, Derbyshire St., London E2 6HG
Bethnal Green tube

Mon - Fri: 9am - 10pm; Sat & Sun: 10am - 6pm
Leaflets & posters available from

art – live music/poetry (aka Ramshackle Oily Karaoke) - film – sound – food – talk

Ceildh On the Clyde

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G8 world in a vice logoFriday 8th July, 2pm, Glasgow

As part of the day of action against the root causes of climate change on Friday 8th of July, we will be Ceildhing on the Clyde. This is in opposition to the M74 extension, that will cut through the heart of Glasgow and increase carbon burning traffic. It is also an expression of solidarity with people fighting the root causes of climate change everywhere.

Details for the Ceildh...
More info on the Day of Action...

Art Not Oil goes mobile to target BP Portrait Award

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banner at art not oil demonstration, reads: available on Indymedia

The Art Not Oil exhibition was mounted onto a sturdy trike on June 13th and ridden gently through the rush-houred streets of central London. The destination was the National Portrait Gallery, which was hosting the presentation ceremony for the BP Portrait Award.

On arriving, it was clear that after last year's blockade of the main entrance, BP security, NPG security and Metropolitan Petroleum (also known as the police) were taking no chances...