About Rising Tide

What we stand for

Rising Tide is a grassroots network of independent groups and individuals committed to taking action and building a movement against climate change. We do not have a formal membership structure - anyone who supports the political statement on our website can become a part of the network. Rising Tide in the UK is part of the international Rising Tide Network.

Political statement

Peoples' Global Action (PGA) Hallmarks - Find out why RT decided, in 2007, to adopt the PGA hallmarks.

Rising Tide is diverse

A wide range of groups are already involved in our network, including student groups, direct action activists, community groups, unions, church groups and energy advice centres. We encourage an ever more vibrant and diverse movement.

Rising Tide argues that climate change is an issue of social injustice.

Climate change is a direct result of the economic domination of Northern interests and transnational corporations. We call for 'climate justice' through solutions that address structural inequalities and recognise the historical responsibility of the rich nations for the problem.

Rising Tide argues that the Kyoto Protocol will fail

We support international cuts in emissions through means that are applied with equality and fairness The Kyoto Protocol fails this standard- the cuts are far too low and depend on flawed market mechanisms. These will not be effective, will reinforce existing inequalities, and will reward the greatest polluters. The science is clear: to prevent further climate change rich countries need to cut emissions by up to 90%.

Rising Tide calls for a just transition to a non-carbon society

We call for an immediate end to oil exploration and a dismantling of the fossil fuel economy. We call for a rapid transition which does not fall hardest on low income communities, communities of colour or low income employees of fossil fuel industries

Rising Tide supports grassroots action in the UK

Training and Skills Support

We provide trainers and materials for regional workshops in public speaking and community organising. We provide access to a database of people with experience and skills including: campaign strategy and fighting public enquiries; publicity, advertising and media; editing, graphics and materials production.

Bringing People Together

We hold a national weekend gathering each year which brings together people from all over Britain to exchange ideas, experiences, information and contacts. Regional Rising Tide networks also organise local gatherings and informal meetings. We organise regular tours to reach a wider public, and have a presence at a wide range of festivals and conferences.

Supporting Protest

We believe that public protest has always played a crucial role in movements for social change. We publicise campaigns and actions by groups in the network and encourage people to support them. We also provide access to networks and experienced activists.

Distributing News and Ideas

Our website contains lists of local contacts, links to active groups and organisations, and a wide range of resources to download.

Linking the UK movement with groups around the world

We are an active partner in the international Rising Tide network.