Techno-fixes (Corporate Watch, August 2008)

Techno-fixes   This report investigates the large scale technologies that corporations and governments are putting on the table, including hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, agrofuels, electricity from nuclear, solar and wind, as well as a range of ideas to reflect the sun’s energy or remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It finds what works, what doesn’t, the present state of these industries and where they’re heading. It explains why, even though many of the technologies do work, the corporate-capitalist model cannot deploy them effectively, and it goes in search of more realistic and socially just solutions.

 Cashing in on Coal (Platform, August 2008)

Cashing in on Coal (Platform, August 2008) High street banks are making millions by providing the financial fuel that drives the expansion of coal extraction and combustion. This report examines the role in the last two years of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), HSBC and Barclays in providing and arranging the financial means to the coal industry to extract and burn vast quantities of coal. The report reveals that RBS has helped lend more money to the coal industry, in more deals, than any other major UK bank.

Exit Strategy - BP and the Refuelling of Heathrow
This article is adapted from a presentation given by James Marriott of PLATFORM at the Camp for Climate Action, Heathrow, August 2007.


Carbon Trade Watch has produced an excellent critique of carbon trading: 'The Sky is Not the Limit - The Emerging Market in Greenhouse Gases'. The briefing paper can be downloaded from

More on the campaign against carbon trading ...

The Case Against Carbon Trading.
A three page Rising Tide briefing summarising the main criticisms and areas of concern.

Corner House Briefing: Democracy or Carbocracy
This very well written 50 page report by Larry Lohmann is a key text for anyone wanting to understand carbon trading and the bogus science of sequestration.

The problems with sinks
Workshop given by Jutta Kill of FERN at the October 2001 Risingtide Gathering.

"Degrees of Capture" from Platform, Corporate Watch and New Economics Foundation, outlines how Britain's universities and colleges are being co-opted into directing their research and training for the benefit of the fossil fuel industry.

MOPG research
Some of the research work that has
been done for the Minorca Opencast Protest Group as part of their campaign to
prevent UK Coal plc gaining planning approval for a new site, the Minorca
Surface Mine, near Measham in Leicestershire.