The Big Rig Revolt in Bath

Submitted by brt on Sun, 12/16/2012 - 19:14

The Big Rig Revolt – Getting ‘Fracktious’ in Bath

Saturday 1st of December and all over the country ordinary people joined together to show their resistance to the threat of extreme energy.

Frack Free Somerset and Bristol Rising Tide hit the streets of Bath, dressed once more as ‘Frack the World Inc.’. 20 people met at Kingsmead Square, built a mini-fracking rig and performed street theatre, made some noise and talked to people to raise awareness of the this mad dash for gas.

Dawn Blockade shuts Hinkley Point for 5 hours

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At 6am on 23 November, 10 protestors from South West Against Nuclear and Bristol Rising Tide blockaded access to EDF energy’s nuclear sites at Hinkley Point, preventing the morning shift from starting work. 4 people in arm locks formed a barrier across the main access road at Wick Moor Drove in a bid to prevent further ground clearance work at the planned Hinkley C site and to protest at EDF’s plan to extend the life of aging reactors at the Hinkley B station.

The Big Rig Revolt – Sat 1st Dec

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A dark cloud is gathering. The threat of unconventional gas development hangs over us all. With almost 100 test wells permitted and the first production development threatening Scotland, the government’s dash for gas depends on the creeping sell off of the British Isles.

This cabal of opportunistic extraction companies, government mandarins and political jokes think they are getting away with it. They are so FRACKING wrong.

On Dec 1st there will be a nationwide simultaneous show of resistance.

Trespass at Hinkley Point

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 More than 200 actvitists squatted a field next to Hinkley Point nuclear power station for three days of protests. On Monday 8th October, 50 people stormed the site earmarked for two new mega nuclear reactors. The protest aimed to highlight the huge environmental and financial costs of the government's bid to build 8 new nuclear power stations in the UK. More information and photos (thanks to Gary Austin) to follow.

Video - Mass Tresspass


TUC Demo - Climate Bloc

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London Rising Tide will be joining the Climate Bloc at the TUC March on Saturday 20 October. This is the statement we will be marching under...

We are people from many different environmental campaigns. We are joining the TUC march on 20 October to be part of a huge popular challenge to austerity and the misery and hopelessness it is creating. We will march together on the 20th to raise the crucial question of tackling climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as part of a future that works. Dealing with these issues together is possible, necessary and desirable. The climate is changing dramatically, and we are already seeing huge impacts on food prices and energy costs.

Reclaim Hinkley - 8 October 2012 - MASS TRESPASS, MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE

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No New Nuclear - International call out

Join us in an act of mass civil disobedience as we trespass on the proposed site of Hinkley C nuclear power station in Somerset.

EDF Energy is already trashing fragile Somerset countryside in preparation for the Hinkley C nuclear power station – even though it hasn’t got planning permission to start building.


This mass action is for anyone who feels able to publicly trespass - or bear witness to the mass trespass by joining us around the perimeter fence. We need people who are prepared to be arrested.