We Won't Be Intimidated

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UPDATE - Letter from prison: Tim DeChristopher speaks - http://www.peacefuluprising.org/?post_type=coverage&p=1256.

Previous message from Rising Tide North America ...

Dear Friends

Our movement is strong. We take risks and push envelopes. We take action when the places and communities we hold dear are threatened. And we won’t be intimidated by government or corporate efforts to break our resolve.

We have no choice. Big Oil and Big Coal want to poison our water, cloud the air we breathe with pollution and wreak havoc on the climate.

NVDA training for Stop New Nuclear

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Two sets of NVDA training to prepare for the Stop New Nuclear blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October.

LONDON - 18 September 2011
Place and Time: tbc
Please contact london [at] stopnewnuclear.org.uk if you are interested in this training.

BRISTOL - Sunday, 21 August 2011 - Place and time will be announced closer to the time, so please check back.

Help Stop New Nuclear

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Stop the next generation of nuclear power stations with a blockade at Hinkley Point - 3 October 2011

Hinkley Point is the first of eight proposed sites for nuclear new build to go ahead. We stopped them here before, and we can do it again. If they fail at Hinkley, it is unlikely the “nuclear renaissance” will have the momentum to continue.

BP portrait award demo: guests and judges file past faces of the Gulf spill

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NPG June 2011 On 14 June, guests and judges arriving for the BP Portrait Award ceremony came face to face with portraits of people affected by BP's massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The blowout of the Deepwater Horizon caused the deaths of 11 oil workers and untold, ongoing damage to the people and the environment of the Gulf Coast. Lining the entrance to the National Portrait Gallery, London Rising Tiders were joined by folk from Climate Rush and Platform to mount our Living Exhibition of portraits from the Facing the Gulf project.

International Stop the Tar Sands Day

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Int Tar Sands DaySaturday 18 June 12 noon outside the Canadian High Commission, Grosvenor Square, London On 18 June the biggest ever international demonstration against the Tar Sands will take place, with people holding events outside Canadian Embassies around the world. Join us in London and help: - Raise awareness of the world's most destructive project - Let Canada know that the whole world considers tar sands a step too far in dirty development - Demand a moratorium on further exploitation of tar sands

So what have we been doing for the last 5 months?!?

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So what have we been doing for the last 5 months?!?London Rising Tide has been up to a great deal since the beginning of 2011, however our website has been having some issues recently preventing us putting the details up. Most notably, in April, LRT and various other climate groups marked the anniversary of BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill with a week of action against the oil giant's sponsorship deals in London.

The True Cost of Coal – Scotland Mini Tour

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beehive In May 2011, Coal Action Scotland are hosting members of Rising Tide when they come to Scotland to present Beehive collectives The True Cost of Coal to community and campaign groups around the country. The Beehive Collective are a group of artists who design graphics which raise social and ecological consciousness, in a way that is never boring. Touring with huge portable murals of collaboratively produced illustrations and an engaging narrative, “The True Cost of Coal” will take you on an interactive tour of the connections between coal mining, climate change, and the struggle for social justice throughout the world.