Plymouth-Rising Tide 'Climate refugees' d-locked on Barclay's building's entrance!

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Plymouth action



On Monday 30th November, Rising Tide-Plymouth 'Climate refugees' (and friends) d-locked themselves to Barclay's bank building's entrance in town, to highlight the investments this bank is doing on Coal, Tar Sands and Arms Trade in times of Climate emergency.
Coal is the dirtiest, most dated and inefficient fossil fuel. Tar Sands Oil is the dirtiest and most expensive oil in terms of extraction and emissions -and global oil resources are running out! (1)
Arms Trade generates violence everywhere and also greenhouse gas emissions -Barclay's being the largest investor of all UK banks in this sector.(2)
Coal,Tar Sands and the Arms Trade are not only responsible for a phenomenal amount of global Greenhouse Gas emissions but if they do continue, it will lead us inevitably to runaway Climate Chaos.

We have already around 20 million of refugees from environmental disasters caused by global warming.

Plymouth actionThis action remembered the power of the People to confront issues that endanger their future as people in Seattle did 10 years ago(3), when a massive direct action took to the streets of Seattle to stop the World Trade Organisation meeting to keep making profits out of our future.


Also, Rising Tide wanted to raise their voice towards Copenhagen Climate talks (COP15) where thousands of people pressured for real Climate Justice and to stop the 'business as usual' attitude towards Climate chaos.


Plymouth action
Anne Smith, spokesperson for Rising Tide-Plymouth explained on that day: "Our future is
under a big threat called Climate Change, we, the people, need to take responsibility to do something about it.
Today, tens of thousands are mobilizing to COP15 to say enough is enough.
Enough of putting profit before life. Enough of 'business as usual' at the
expense of our future. Enough of making excuses with false solutions to
keep exploiting people and the planet".

See the local press coverage here:

Notes :

1. Tar Sands (oil sands)represent unrestrained fossil fuel use and
unchecked greenhouse gas emissions. See:

2. The Arms Trade alone provide 25% of global emissions.

3. In November 30th 1999 thousands of protesters shut down the WTO
meetings for 4 days. See: