The FOSSIL FOOLS FARCE ... is here!

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 08:31

Playing to RBS fooleryRising Tide-Plymouth & Art Not Oil-Plymouth took the Plymouth city centre streets to bring you the big “Fossil Fools Farce”, a street theatre to remind us there are facts and names behind the Climate drama. Citizens and cops, all they took leaflets and showed their interest...!

On "Fossil Fools Day", we brought you:
*The BIG OIL evil clown – representing the oil industry,
and its 'taxpayer supported' global expansion into the far reaches of the planet.
Apart of massive CO2 emissions, the oil industry
has been responsible for massive scale deforestation, local mortal
diseases in oil field areas,ecological disasters, overriding indigenous
rights and more human rights violations. All in the name of their profit.
We also highlighted that Shell (and BP soon) are investing in the tragic
TAR SANDS project in Canada.

*The Crazy AVIATOR – In terms of damage to the climate, flying is ten
times worse than taking the train. It's responsible for 13% of the UK's
impact on the climate and it's the fastest growing source of emissions
in this country.The main cause of this massive growth in the UK is the
proliferation of short haul routes - often unnecessary domestic ones.

In Plymouth we have Air South West ( owned by Sutton Harbour group - who
also manage Plymouth airport!) publicising aggressively domestic flights
between Plymouth-London and Newquay. Their 'cheap' price offers don't
tell you what we'll all have to pay afterwards - the REAL price behind
it: a planet that will never stop warming up.

Fossil fuels are the main source of Greenhouse Gas emissions. If we’re
going to stop climate chaos, the only real solution is to leave them in the ground.

While we visited few local Fossil Fools, we invited people to join the
positive characters of this drama and change the script of our future!

The inspiring WIND FAIRY, playing and trusting clean energy; the
committed CYCLIST, who claims the future with pedal power! and the down
to earth PERMACULTURE, who respects the land, grows their own food and
sows the seeds into our chance to be healthy and economically independent communities!

We can be the problem ..or the solution. WHATAREYOUPTO??

- Get the facts on Tar Sands:
- Stop supporting unethical fossil banks like RBS & Barclay's. Switch
yourself to an ethical one: the Co-operative or Triodos, or see:
- More alternatives: