RESOURCES:- UK Carbon Emitters - RTUK Lists compiled for Glasgow Agreement

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As Members of and as part of RisingTideUK's contribution as signatories to the (now known as the People’s Climate Commitment), we worked on the UK carbon emitters Inventory and Climate Agenda, producing resources which we've recently supplemented with an update of the section on Aviation:- RESOURCES-Aviation:UK Carbon Emitters - RTUK Lists compiled for Glasgow Agreement . The others can be found here:- RESOURCES-Gas:UK Carbon Emitters - RTUK Lists compiled for Glasgow Agreement ; RESOURCES-Coal:UK Carbon Emitters - RTUK Lists compiled for Glasgow Agreement ; and  "Same Old Not New Not Zero Nuclear" (or, most of what you need to know about Nuclear Power in the UK but weren't nerdy enough to ask): . Loads of other action & organising resources too on our sister site

During our administration of the UK Chapter of its become starkly apparent that expansion is not just happening at the 8 usual suspect airports generally reported but at many more, currently more than 25. 

There are many ways airports are planning to expand and not just by seeking planning consents to increase passenger numbers, Air Traffic Movements (ATM), or a new runway - but by a combination of methods including not exclusively:-

  • Extending the runway or changing its composition=Airport Expansion;
  • Increasing the Public Safety (crash) Zone=Airport Expansion;
  • Building or extending existing terminals=Airport Expansion;
  • Building more aircraft stands and hangars=Airport Expansion;
  • Building an industrial estate/warehousing=Airport Expansion;
  • Building a hotel=Airport Expansion;
  • Extending vehicle parking and access roadways=Airport Expansion;
  • Building a solar park to pretend your airport is carbon neutral by offsetting its ground emissions=Airport Expansion;
  • NOT using associated land but offsetting it against emissions, or planting trees on other land=Airport Expansion;
  • Extending opening hours=Airport Expansion;
  • Making more use of, or repurposing taxiways=Airport Expansion;
  • Publishing a wish-list Airport Master Plan=Airport Expansion;
  • Getting aspects of that Plan approved by Local Authorities and/or inserted in Local Plans for future use=Airport Expansion;
  • Pausing existing planning permissions or putting them on hold=Airport Expansion; and even
  • Obtaining retrospective planning permission=Airport Expansion!

You may live near a small local airport or airstrip but most regional airports started like that and further such expansion must stop if we are to stand any chance in our climate emergency of pegging average global temperature rises at 1.5degreesC. Attempting business-as-usual by greenwash offsetting and replacing kerosene with so-called Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) won't succeed in delivering emissions cuts fast enough or indeed, at all.

There are more than 250 private, public and military airports and airstrips in the UK (with around 40 in Republic of Ireland). This resource is a living document in a constantly changing world but we've tried to list those airports expanding and the largest, with passenger numbers and climate/emissions data where available but mostly from 2019, before the Covid19 pandemic hit, as that's the base year we need to measure future growth from - if we fail to stop it, condemning us to a +2degreesC planet. Passenger number figures vary so we've gone for those that best match year ending 2019. For an overview of climate change and aviation more widely, see the UKgov House of Commons Library Briefing paper on Aviation, decarbonisation and climate change.     CBP-8826 20,  Sep'21.
For Regional Airports in the UK, Scope Emissions are defined thus:-
  • Direct emissions (Scope 1)–Emissions from airport-controlled sources (e.g. vehicles/ground support owned by airport, boilers, on-site power generation);
  • Indirect emissions (Scope 2) – Emissions from purchased energy (off-site electricity generation for heating, cooling, lighting);
  • Indirect emissions (Scope 3) – Emissions from other sources related to the airport (e.g. flights, aircraft ground movements, passenger and staff travel to the airport, waste disposal).

We'll endeavour to update the resource lists but will be relying on your assistance to help us. Please send your updates to with "Aviation (etc.) Update" as the subject. Find list directly here:-  RESOURCES-Aviation:UK Carbon Emitters - RTUK Lists compiled for Glasgow Agreement

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