POWER BEYOND BORDERS Reclaim the Power MASS ACTION CAMP- 26th - 30th July 2019

Submitted by lrt2 on Thu, 05/16/2019 - 19:21

Given our work has so many overlapping priorities we've agreed to work together with RtP in London (& Bristol) and hold joint meetings. One of the reasons we have got together is to support this camp to highlight a future of connected communities and a climate justice movement that recognises the rights of everyone - a mass action camp for migrant and climate justice, taking direct action against new gas infrastructure built by Drax, shutting it down and also training-up and learning how to support resistance to the UK's Hostile Environment for migrants to take action later this year. https://www.facebook.com/events/584658665344782/

In our communities migrants and people targeted by racism face multiple threats to their ability to lead their lives. In this Brexit-fueled era we want to stand in solidarity with them in facing down the racism of the state’s Hostile Environment and the emboldened far right.The border is everywhere, it's just invisible to those of us with citizenship. People at the sharp end, friends and allies have been challenging these racist regimes for years. Based on the aims drawn up by some of the groups most affected we want to learn at the camp how to challenge that Hostile Environment.To do this work well we need to start by listening to the incredible activists at the sharp end of migrant justice. So as well as informative and inspiring talks and trainings on climate, the programme is going to be packed with chances to learn about the impact of the Hostile Environment and ways we can take action against it.
Also, Drax Power is planning to build the UK’s largest gas fired power station this autumn. If this happens our energy system will be chained to fossil fuels for decades, condemning us to climate breakdown. It’s not just Drax. In the middle of a climate emergency, the UK government and big corporates are currently planning more new fossil-fueled gas powered electricity infrastructure than anywhere else in Europe. If the plans go ahead, we’re giving up a unique opportunity to transition to a democratic energy system based on flexible, distributed renewables. Instead, the hapless government will be lining the pockets of opportunistic multinational companies with tainted public subsidies for new fossil-fuel gas. Countries like Germany and others are indicating that they'll be following the UK's lead so beating Drax will help force fossil-fuel gas out of Europe. It’s up to us to turn off the gas and show investors and the government what real action for the climate looks like.
In a secret location in South-East England, near London, activists from across Europe will be camping together, gearing up for action with talks, workshops and a big party! There will be communal food, toilets and everything you need (accessible camping will also be available).In the coming months there will be national organising meetings to make this as beautiful and powerful as it can be - for those of you who can't resist data harvesters, these will be up on the Facebook page. Out of this process we will develop an inspiring programme of events for the camp and work to create the political and practical infrastructure we'll need.
If you would like a speaker, workshop or can help spread the word by holding an event or distributing flyers, email:- powerbeyondborders@protonmail.com .