2007 Action Round-Up

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/03/2008 - 18:16

Norwich Rising Tide has only been up and running for just over a year, but it’s been a busy one! We began by taking action against the planned Northern Distributor Road with an ongoing spoof 'Campaign for Roads And Progress’ (CRAP). Next, to mark the International Day of Action Against Climate Change and the G8 we shut down a city centre Jet Petrol Station, choosing the lesser-known Jet/Conoco-Phillips to highlight the fact that there is no such thing as a good oil company. During the summer quite a few of us went along to the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow and just after that, on the Day of Action against the Royal Bank of Scotland (the ‘Oil and Gas Bank’), two Norwich RBS banks were mysteriously locked closed, and the opening of the city’s main branch was delayed for over an hour. In the build up to Christmas, we turned our attention to the role of consumerism in causing climate change. For Buy Nothing Day, twelve of us held a Rat Race around the city centre, giving out thousands of leaflets and having fun with the security guards at the city’s biggest Mall. Just before Christmas we set off into town all dressed up again, but this time as Santas Against Excessive Consumption, complete with our Lapland is Melting banner and some festive subverted Christmas carols. Next stop: Norwich International Airport, one of the fastest growing short-haul airports in the country.