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Join us on the:- 1)ART NOT OIL BLOC will be part of BLOC 5:Red:Fossil Free Future.
                           Meet from 12noon till 12.30pm to move off at 1pm,    at Meeting Point 5:Red, NE or top right hand corner of Lincoln's Inn Fields, WC1, on the street, Newman's Row. Look for the Art Not Oil BP subvertised helios logo banner.
                          2)OIL SPILL ACTION AT TATE BRITAIN
at the human Viking Longship about 4pm or during the last speaker, scheduled to be Caroline Lucas MP. Moving off ASAP along Millbank to create an oil spill on the steps of Tate Britain. See you there, further info below and at :-

JOIN THE ART NOT OIL BLOC ! - The logos of BP and Shell are all over the walls of our museums, art galleries and concert halls. By painting themselves as 'generous sponsors', they think they can cleanse their dirty brands in order to keep drilling, spilling and fueling runaway climate change. It's time for it to stop. This year, 4 major institutions - Tate, National Portrait Gallery, Royal Opera House and the British Museum - will be deciding whether to renew their sponsorship deal with BP.   The ANO Coalition will be bringing a BP-branded Viking longship, actor-vists, artists and singers! Feel free to bring your own creative ideas to take on the dirty brands of big oil and challenge their cultural sponsorship. Join the ANO Bloc. 

Followed by:-
ACTION AT TATE BRITAIN AT 4PM - Join us after the march to take peaceful, non-violent action against oil sponsorship! We'll be heading just a short walk away, to the BP-sponsored Tate Britain, where we will create an oil spill on the gallery's steps. In January, Tate were forced to reveal that they receive, on average, just £224,000 per year from BP - a tiny sum for the over the top branding that stains the gallery walls! We want to show the gallery that taking action on climate change means taking down oily logos and removing BP's "social licence to operate". Wake Up Tate !
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