Get the Shell Out

Friday 18th May 2012, Toynbee Hall, 7.30pm
UK Tar Sands Network, Indigenous Environmental Network, Rising Tide UK, Platform, FairPensions, Greenpeace and Art Not Oil present:

Get the Shell out!

Shell, the Greenwash King, targeted by LRT during ExCel Centre security breach

Yesterday's prestigious Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference in the International Conference Centre (ICC) at the ExCeL Centre, London was interrupted by two London Rising Tide protesters.

Planet Under Pressure 2012

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Anti-Fracking Protest

Frack off bannera small group of protestors gathered outside the marriott hotel in swiss cottage this evening where the 'unconventional shale gas conference' is taking place today and tomorrow. the protest was called by 'frack off (london)' and 'london rising tide' and had an irish theme complete with leprechaun costume in recognition of st patrick's day, and in solidarity with activists facing the arrival of the process in ireland. Click here to see the PHOTO SET.

Occupy Oil - Occupation of Shell Garage, Islington, London

A great film made by a friend of ours.

Films from LifeMosaic

 Working in close partnership with indigenous movements LifeMosaic
 focuses on producing and disseminating educational films for
 indigenous peoples and rural communities. In partnership with Tebtebba
 and AMAN, we recently produced "Fever", a 4-part climate change
 educational film based on the voices of indigenous peoples in the
 Philippines, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Indonesia. Dubbed into 6
 languages, "Fever" is designed to inform and empower indigenous
 communities across the tropics and to be a tool for grass-roots
 facilitators, helping strengthen local movements in their awareness
 raising and advocacy work on climate change and indigenous peoples

2012 Dirty Coal Infotour

In February and March Rock the Boat will be touring the UK with the Beehive Collective’s True Cost of Coal banner to mobilise against new coal in South Lanarkshire and linking up with local struggles to strengthen our campaigns.

Coal is still a massive issue in the UK – despite some victories against opencast mines and both Scottish Coal and UK Coal being on the brink of collapse, more and more coal is burned and mined every day. This is disastrous for communities and ecosystems, but capitalism’s dependence on cheap and dirty fossil fuels means that the struggle must continue!


A blast from the past...

Here is a randomly selected article from our website; a blast from the past in the ongoing fight for climate justice ...

  • Party against aviation expansion, 6pm, Nov 29, Tower Bridge

    Party against aviation expansion, 6pm, Nov 29, Tower Bridge

    Celebrate the cancellation of the aviation industry's airport expansion
    plans, 6pm Tuesday Nov 29th, Tower Bridge

    A coalition of local airport residents and grassroots eco-activists
    requests the pleasure of your company to celebrate the forthcoming
    cancellation of the aviation industry's airport expansion plans at: The
    Institute of Economic Affairs' Gala Dinner at London's luxurious Tower
    Bridge Walkways.

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