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Police surround BP's AGM to silence alternative opinions

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Ecuador's Largest National Park Opened for Oil Development

Matt Finer and Margot Bass
QUITO, Ecuador, September 23, 2004 (ENS)

Environment News Service

Controversy is raging over oil development activities slated for Ecuador's largest national park - Yasuni National Park, which protects one of the world?s most megadiverse regions. Jaguars, harpy eagles, caimans and 13 primate species live in this lowland rainforest, the ecological treasure of the western Amazon basin.

Last month, Ecuador?s Environment Ministry granted the Brazilian national oil company Petrobras a long-awaited license to begin pumping oil out of the park in northern Ecuador.



As part of the many grassroots events sprouting up all around the European Social Forum in London, London Rising Tide today (dis)organised a very public exposure of some of the forces that are sending our planet tumbling into climate chaos.

London Rising Tide's critical mass theme was London in 2050 when sea levels may be a tad higher than at present.

Aimed at highlighting how big business and government are ignoring the massive threat of climate chaos and rising sea levels caused by the continued burning of fossil fuels in their frenzied "business as usual". Many costumes of a distinctly nautical flavour. The samba band was also out in force. Completely over the top police presence, Forward stupidity Team photographers

Indymedia Under Attack - FBI Seizes UK Indymedia Servers

FBI seizes IMC servers in UKIn a chilling case of censorship, the FBI, acting on a request from Italian and Swiss authorities, ordered two servers confiscated from Rackspace in London last Thursday morning effectively removing 20 Indymedia sites and some others from the internet.

Indymedia is regularly used by UK climate change activists to post events, reports and photos from actions that are ignored by the mainstream media.

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Greenwash or Us: an activist’s diary


 A true portrait of BP?

Behind the mask: A true portrait of BP?



29 July 2004




An Activist’s Diary of ‘Greenwash or Us’, London Rising Tide’s inaugural ‘Exhibition of Resistance’ to BP’s hijacking of the arts


For the past 12 months, direct action group London Rising Tide has been planning an inaugural ‘exhibition of resistance to Big Oil and the corporate sponsorship of the arts’, specifically targeting oil giant BP and its sponsorship of the annual National Portrait Award.

Breaking the chains: oil and slavery

The writing on the wall is simple: We need to start dismantling the oil economy now. Although this sounds radical, unachievable and unrealistic, it’s something which we could and should have started years ago...

This new article by Jo Hamilton draws the links between ending the slave trade, and ending the oil economy.


Environmental NGOs Call for Closure of World Bank Climate Change Fund

Media Release
Carbon Trade Watch, TNI, 19 April 2004

Today, over fifty environmental and social justice NGOs and other groups sent a letter of protest to the World Bank calling for the closure of its new emissions trading fund, The Prototype Carbon Fund.


A blast from the past...

Here is a randomly selected article from our website; a blast from the past in the ongoing fight for climate justice ...

  • Subversive Singing Santas Spread Seasonal Sanity in London and Norwich

    Oxford StToday, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, activists in both London and Norwich dressed up as Santas Against Excessive Consumption and hit the high streets to sing a different tune to the usual buy, buy, buy madness of the holiday season.

    In Norwich, bearing a festive banner reading Lapland is Melting and singing subverted Christmas carols (Welcome to Consumer Wonderland, Oh Little Town of Chapelfield, etc.), the Santas set up outside the temple to consumption that is Chapelfield Mall.

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