London Climate Camp debrief, planner and party, September 6th

Here's a bulletin from the Climate Camp's London neighbourhood:

'Hello London Climate Campers,

This is a weekly bulletin from and for the London climate camp group. The main thing this week is our big post-camp meeting on Saturday - we strongly encourage you to come along and bring your friends!

London Climate Camp Group

1) Big London Gathering: this Saturday 6th Sept
2) Help needed: Saturday's social
3) What next for the movement? The national gathering

1) Big London Gathering: this Saturday 6th Sept

Whilst the hay bales and marquees may have been packed away, the Climate Camp will be returning to London on 6th September! There won’t be rocket stoves and Kent sunsets but the passion for positive change will be back as we plan our next move.

Where should our movement go next? What would be an amazing action to do here in London? How would we do it? These are the questions we will answer together on Saturday 6th September.
So, what’s the plan?
We will look at what we have achieved, share our ideas for the future and get planning….and then we will celebrate. This year’s was the biggest Climate Camp yet, we covered the gates of Kingsnorth with banners and flooded the media with our stories. So we will definitely be celebrating.

… plan and discuss…
Synergy Centre, 220 Farmers Road, London SE5 0TW
Nearest tube: Oval
Saturday 6th September
Any food?
Some people are already bringing food, but we will need more. Bring freegan/vegan food.

7pm til late. This will be in the same venue as above. There’ll be music, drinking and merriment.
Whether you were at the camp or just saw it on the telly this is your opportunity to come along and get involved in th''e country’s most exciting movement for a better world.

2) Help needed: Saturday's social
The london after camp meeting is getting ever closer and it promises to be a great and inspiring event. When the hard work of the day is done, and to celebrate how far we have come and the exciting times ahead, we're going to be having a BIG party. If all goes to plan there'll be acoustic music to start, a band to pick up the pace a little later and a DJ or two to bring things home late into the morning. If you haven't already told everyone about it, now's the time to start.

All that said, for it to be the success it deserves to be, we're going to need help to make it happen!
If you can help with any of the following contact Tim at

NB: see below for explanations


No of volunteers needed
Bar/welcome desk
Food/café bar
Clean up

Bar/ welcome desk
We will need a minimum of 10 people to cover the bar during the evening, with at least 5 people serving at any one time. (2 accepting donations on the welcome desk and handing out tokens - 3 serving drinks)

We will need 2 people to look after the cloak room - instead of running an official cloakroom we have access to an area upstairs at the synergy centre that has rails and hangers. People will be able to leave their jackets and coats there,but at their own risk). This job will involve simply popping in and out every so often to check that everything is in order.

Visuals and decoration
We thought that it might be a good idea to decorate the room or at least provide some sort of focal point. They have a projector on site that we would be able to use. It would therefore be great if somebody could volunteer to put together some climate camp related material that could be played on a loop while the music is playing. Whoever is up for this would need to be able to bring there laptop to connect to the projector. This might be the same person who is sorting out showing the films in the meeting and after!

If the night is as successful as it promises to be then there may well be a large number of empty cans, plastic cups and bottles o deal with. We all know the importance of recycling and if a few people could volunteer to keep their eye on the bins and empty them when they are getting full, it will not only help to keep the place tidy, but will also help speed the cleaning up at the end of the night.

Clean up
We have the venue until the party stops but it might be wise to have a finish time. When the party finishes we should do an immediate tidy and pack down to make the job of collecting equipment and doing the proper clean the day after much easier. We will therefore need people to stay on after the event has finished to have a quick tidy and maybe 4 people to volunteer to come back and clean up on the Sunday.

3) What next for the movement? The national gathering

26th to 28th September, Manchester
All Welcome!

Climate Camp 2008 was an amazing achievement, but we still have a long way
to go if we're going to halt devastating climate change.

All are invited to the first Post-Climate Camp National Gathering, to be
held in Manchester from the 26th to 28th of September. The gathering will
offer a chance to reflect on where we are at, and decide where we go from

Crash Space will be available. More details to follow very soon.
For more details see:

Any queries, email

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